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Presentation of Pharmas in newsletter/conference/congress/workshop



Ragas A. 6th SETAC World Congress, Setac Europe 22nd Annual Meeting, 20-24 May 2012, Berlin, Germany (Available upon request)



M. Lamoree, J. Weiss, E. Baginska, T. Haddad, C. Leder, T. Vasconcelos, P. Roche, V. Boireau, A. Hebert, B. Roig, S. Mompelat, K. Kümmerer, Formation and structure elucidation of stable trans-formation products of pharmaceuticals in the water cycle. SETAC North American, 7-13 November 2011, Boston, USA (poster presentation)


B. Roig, J. Sumpter, O. Thomas, On going European projects for the evaluation of exposure and impact of PP. "241st ACS National Meeting - Occurrence, Detection and Removal of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products in Drinking Water ", Anaheim, 27-31 March 2011 (oral presentation)




Roig B., Brogat M., Mompelat S., Leveque J., Cadiere A., Thomas O. (2012). Inter-laboratory exercise on antibiotic drugs analysis in aqueous samples. Talanta, 98, 157–165.